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  • Abide by the policies and procedures of the library.
  • Observe and comply with instructions from library staff and acknowledge their responsibility and authority to enforce it
  • Treat other users and staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Maintain good order and silence in all reading areas and while moving around the library.
  • Respect rights of other library users by refraining from behavior that is disruptive to library use.
  • Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking other than a water bottle in the library.
  • Users may enter and remain only in those parts of the library that are authorized for their use.
  • Refrain from use of equipment (such as mobile phone or any other) that is likely to disturb/distract other readers or to damage library materials.
  • Refrain from use of electronic gadgets (computers/laptops) in any of the library rooms (especially in Silent Reading Room) except in Discussion Room.
  • Be responsible for all materials borrowed in their account, including the obligation to pay any overdue fines and replacement costs if items are lost or damaged.
  • Observe legal restrictions on the use of electronic and print sources.
  • Return/renew material by due date to make available for others, and not transfer material borrowed in their name to another user.
  • Not remove library materials from the library without authorization through established lending procedures.
  • Present library materials, files, folders, bags and similar items in their possession for inspection by library staff(s) while leaving the library.
  • Treat books and furniture with care.
Personal Information Update
  • This is to notify all the students and staffs to update your personal information on the library system. Especially your email address needs to be your valid email address in order to get right information on books overdue notification and other related library Information.
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